• The Assignment

    This is not an average „team-building”.

    The participants of the training have to set up a Company that is capable of fulfilling the Order of the Client at a high level of quality. The participants form the company, whereas the trainers play the role of the Client.

    In the initial part of the training, the participants get educated on the appropriate methodology of how to establish the processes of a company. They have to apply these pieces of methodology immediately, so the theory gets applied in practice right away in a “real-life” situation.

    And here comes the Difficulty
  • The Difficulty

    Most people who work as employees have to follow processes and use systems that have already been established by someone else, but they have never been part of the creation of a company. The creation requires either completely different skills, or the different usage of skills that are present.

    They need to step out from their frameworks and change paradigm and work as a team.

    As the result of the difficulties, the skills of the participants get improved in the field of communication, team-work, problem-identification and problem-solving methods, being focused on the real assignment, leadership competences, conflict handling, delegating.

    They need to come up with The Idea
  • The Idea

    Many ideas arise to solve the assignment, but which one is the one to choose? How can they decide on the proper way to follow?

    On the way to solve the problems, the participants have to figure out the one key factor that is really needed to cross the finish line successfully.

    They figure it out step-by-step and it becomes their own success, when they come to the cognition. In this phase, the trainers take up the coach role, and let the group dynamics work, rather than influencing the development progress to an unnecessary extent.

    They have to convert The Idea into Realization
  • The Realization

    The picture suddenly gets clearer to the participants during the preparation. All the details come together and the team starts feeling the possibility of becoming successful which seemed to be impossible before. The Company is born. The processes flow. The performance reaches sky-high.

    We simulate more „business years” during the two-day training. We measure the performance throughout the business years continuously and by objective KPIs. These KPIs provide a solid basis for identifying problems in the processes as well as for executing the correction of these.

    The participants gain conceptual and practical knowledge of methodology of how to establish, test and correct processes. Besides these,

    they take with themselves the Success
  • The Success

    By the end of the second day, the participants reach such a performance level that they would have considered “IMPOSSIBLE!” on the first day, but by the end of the training the team gets to a point where the can confidently handle the much more demanding client requirements, and the consideration of not being able to comply with any requirements simply disappears.

    The GROUP of participants becomes a TEAM and this common experience provides a reference point to them in their workaday life when they face similar difficulties. The success of the training is not restricted to the duration of the training.

    This is definitely NOT an average team-building!

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